Scientific Micro Molder

Scientific Micro Molder: SMMG7003B

Quickly & Easily Mold Color Plaques

scientific micro molder
Mold color matching, small parts for testing and working with expensive resins. Excellent for Master Batch producers and Universities. Small parts automated lights out production. Custom optional tooling can be provided with the machine.

Machine Specifications:

  • Feeding Screw Speed: 1-60rpm(max. to 100rpm, however the torque decreases to 50% gradually after 60 rpm)
  • Opening Stroke70mm(exclude the mold part) Platen daylight without mold, approx 150mm
  • Injection Force1800kg
  • Max. Operating TemperatureZones 1,2,3 – 360 degrees C., note: zone 1 is at end of barrel + nozzle heat setting %
  • Temperature Accuracy+/- .5 degrees C, (After temperature has reached constant state)
  • Inj. Screw Diameter20mm, 16:1 L/D Servo Motor Drive
  • Shot Weight30gm – depending on material melted weight, minimum approx .1gm (depending on mat’l & tooling)
  • Power Supply RequiredSingle Phase 220V/1/50hz, or 60hz, 2.3Kw, 10A
  • Tie Bar Spacing280×186mm (center distance)
  • Mold Plate Size360mm (L)*90mm (W) *72mm (H)
  • Die Ring O.D.50mm
  • Machine Dimensions(L×W×H) 1700mm, 500mm, 1350mm
  • Electrical BrandPLC/HMI – Delta, SSRelay – Omron
  • Shipping Crate Size1750mm X 720mm X 1400mm – Weight approx. 450kg
  • Air Compressor is supplied by customer – Recommend 20 gallon reservoir unit – low noise

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